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No, I am not an angel….. Ask ANYONE in my family. For that matter, ask anyone at all. I do, however, love the Lord. I love the pro-life ministry and have grown attached to many of the “field” workers, both at “home” (Healthy Beginnings) and “abroad” (all of the crisis-pregnancy type centers in this area).

Tiffany had already had a pregnancy test and had received information about abortion procedures, risks, and adoption options. When she entered the exam room, she answered questions for my required paperwork. Then, I asked her to lie back on the table so we could start the ultrasound.

Before I even picked up the camera to start the scan, Tiffany commented that she didn’t feel typical early pregnancy symptoms- other than a voracious appetite. She told me that the night before she had eaten a whole pizza all by herself – which is something she had NEVER done before. I shared with her how I control my love for certain foods by taking out a given amount, putting the rest away, THEN sit down to eat. We talked about how it takes some discipline but she and I agreed, it is something that must be done to protect our health and well being. It was not an earth shattering conversation, but evidently she appreciated my openness and honesty about my own food weaknesses. From that, I believe she recognized that she was not being judged, that the atmosphere at Healthy Beginnings was friendly and non-threatening, and from that moment of respect, came her decision to open up about all of the complications surrounding her pregnancy.

When Tiffany told me the circumstances around her crisis, we talked as if we had known each other forever. It was obvious to me that the situation in her life was (fortunately) one that could be easily handled- just as Tiffany’s own mother and grandmother had told her. Hearing the truth from a total stranger somehow caused the blinders to be lifted away from her eyes. The solution was so obvious, but now SHE could see it. The truth does indeed, set you free!

Before Tiffany left, she confessed that she had an abortion set up already and had planned to tell others she had a miscarriage. She told me I was an angel because I made her see things for herself, and that now, she WANTED this baby and would fight to keep it. It was an amazing moment…to see the hand of God in action was more than anyone could ask for… and a blessing I do not take lightly. “Praise God from whom all blessings flow………”

Pam West